How Age Reduction is Crippling The Nigerian Civil Service

June 22, 2018

  The civil service in Nigeria is the highest employer of labour of the public sector. Men and women employed in this sector are required by the Nigerian Civil Service Act to retire either upon the attainment of 60 years of age or thirty-five years of active service whichever comes first. The only exceptions are […]

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Kit and kin

June 16, 2018

We were once kit and kin Seen everywhere, laughing all the time We were once kit and kin   We were once kit and kin Strolling all the night, talking all the time We were once kit and kin   We were once kit and kin Friendship goals they said, relationship goals others echoed We […]

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How To Identify Commonly Abused Drugs

May 6, 2018

  As a sequel to my earlier article Read here on Nigeria’s rising drug and substance abuse, I received lots of emails and WhatsApp messages asking me to detail how substances commonly abused can be detected. Majority of these emails came from concerned parents and teachers some of whom have had to deal with a drug-related […]

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Our love

May 3, 2018

  Our love is like the harmattan It comes and goes with seasons Our love is like the harmattan It blows and blows then dies   Our love is like the harmattan Raging for a season and gone the next Our love is like the harmattan Fiercest at night, yet quivering at noon   Our […]

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Child obesity; love for your kids or indulgence?

May 2, 2018

  It was my day off from work and I decided to visit the mall with Zainab. I sat quietly waiting for my friend for our 5 pm appointment. Being a stickler for time, I had arrived some 45 minutes earlier. I chose to sit at the food court along the major walkway to have […]

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On Fulani Herdsmen and The Presidency

April 26, 2018

Yesterday, we woke up to the news of the latest herdsmen killing in Benue state, this time involving several catholic parishioners and two priests, one of whom had previously raised a public outcry on the insecurity of the village. The herdsmens’ killings are becoming a mantra, a necessary addendum to the news every other week. […]

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Tough love

April 25, 2018

I sat by the curb My head buried in tears and apparent shame? I had watched as your car pulled away from the driveway Tears rolled as the dust you left behind settled I shivered albeit the sun knowing this was going to be the last The fragrance of your perfume hung heavily in our […]

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Combating Nigeria’s rising drug problem

April 21, 2018

Nigeria has a rising drug problem and we can no longer afford to sit still and do nothing about it. In recent times, we’ve experienced astronomical increase of opioid use among Nigerian youths. Three experiences have brought this reality closer home. Osahon was my former colleague. He always had a bottle of coke on his […]

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Transcript of President Buhari’s Speech Today 

March 31, 2018

After being away for over 100 days, President Buhari addresses the Nation. Read the transcript below My dear citizens, I am very grateful to God and to all Nigerians for their prayers. I am pleased to be back on home soil among my brothers and sisters. In the course of my stay in the United […]

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March 31, 2018

Resignation is an uncommon act in Nigeria especially from public or political office holders. Resignation is an uncommon act in Nigeria especially from public or political office holders.  Across the world, it is not a big deal to see public officers resign when they have fallen out of favour with the masses. This occurs when […]

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