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Domestic violence in the home? It’s time to speak up

I was vulnerable with you.

Loving you made it so.

Seeing my helplessness,

You trampled upon my heart

As cattle herd on lilies in search for food.

Time is the greatest healer they say,

Years on, and the wounds only fester.

Deepening with years and it’s healing no longer in sight.

Cursed be the day I met you

And the day the 1st slap came.

First it was a mistake, then a fault of mine.

I cowered in fear; it must be something I did.

The beatings became part of me.

Chioma, Arinze and Ebuka the names of our kids aborted by your brutal dealings.

With the final strength, in me, I gathered my belongings for it was time to go.

No more to be admired by my fellow women for mansion and finery.

I choose to live again. #end domestic violence

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