Tough love

I sat by the curb

My head buried in tears and apparent shame?

I had watched as your car pulled away from the driveway

Tears rolled as the dust you left behind settled

I shivered albeit the sun knowing this was going to be the last

The fragrance of your perfume hung heavily in our room

Though it can scarcely be described as ours now.

It hurts that I couldn’t stop you

You had found another to love you said

I pray he loves you more than I ever did

And give you all I could never offer you.


~Hadassah O~


Photo by ALP STUDIO on Unsplash

Chizzy Odilinye

Chizzy Odilinye is a chemical engineer who is driven to challenge status quo and add value everywhere she goes. Her pleasures are photography, chess and cooking.

3 thoughts on “Tough love

  1. This reminds me of how I felt, when I lost her.
    Nice read! Short, simply, straightforward, relatable and creative.

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