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2021 #LetitFlow Call for Donationns

2021 #LetitFlow Call for Donationns

In 2018, SOA started the #Letitflow initiative out of a passion to reduce inequality and drive inclusion for people in prison. SOA also donates drugs and hospital supplies to their clinics. This program has over the years, reached several hundred women and thousands of people who wither got the hygiene products or got treated in the clinics.

This year, the project coincides with the month earmarked for celebrating women. The theme is #choosetochallenge. At Speak Out Africa, we are challenging the lack of access to sanitary towels in prisons. against this backdrop, we have launched a fundraiser campaign for people who want to partner with the organization.

You can partner with us to purchase sanitary towels, drugs or hospital supplies.

Imagine not being able to buy pad monthly except a charity organization comes around. Imagine how they survived all through the lockdown. Can you think about the skin infections they always suffer due to the poor hygiene in the prison?

With just N1000 (or more), you can make a difference. Often times, you desire to do good and make a positive impact in the lives of people but don’t have the time or know-how to. #Letitflow is a great opportunity for you to fulfil your desire.

With a thousand Naira, you will be providing:

💥sanitary towel and soaps for a woman at Suleja prison.

💥 Drugs for the Clinic.

In addition,

💥 toiletries for male inmates

Our sincere thanks as you donate to towards this project

Bank: Zenith bank
Account number: 1210922944

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