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No Prejudice Zone

No Prejudice Zone

On this week’s Wednesday thoughts, Ijeoma shares her thoughts on prejudice and how it robs us.

When you hear the word ‘Prejudice’, what comes to mind? Bias? Influence? Preconception? Well, those are synonymous with prejudice. Prejudices include racism, sexism, ageism, classism, nationalism, religious prejudice, and xenophobia. 

Prejudice makes us to view career paths through the eyes of gender. If he is male, then science and engineering is his natural path. And if female, the social sciences, or humanities should suit her.

Prejudice causes us to conclude that millennials may find it difficult being committed to their work in an organisation because they are adventurous and hardly focus on just one task. 

It also leads us to equate wealth to being proud and rude? Sexism makes us subconsciously assume that being a certain gender implies stepping back on pursuing your dreams or being the one fully responsible for providing for others? 

Having a skewed preconception about a person or a tribe can prevent you from having great relationships that could have led to career advancement, business growth, nation-building, or innovation.

I will admonish that, rather than group people into an already designed box based on biases, we could be more empathetic, treating people more as individuals than as members of our pre- conceived boxes. Prejudices deprives us of great synergy that comes from associating with others. Like the saying goes, “Together, we achieve more.”

Written by Ijeoma Imediegwu

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