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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!
Pleasant readers, it feels good to be back after a not so short hiatus. Is it too late to say a happy new year? Well, happy new to you. I sincerely hope that you have your goals well-articulated and that you have begun crunching them? The political space this year has been a very busy and interesting one. With Nigeria’s general election fast approaching, the media gag and arrests of journalists by the present administration down to the supposed entrance of the 3rd force presidential candidates everyone is looking forward to 16th February. Moving away from politics, for some years now, I’ve had to rethink what I really want out of Speak Out Africa. As you know, we are a blog that focuses on political commentaries, poems and a whole lot. Beyond blogging, the organization also carries out a couple of public policy advocacies and social impact projects. In light of this, it has become important to have an all-inclusive website which reflects all we do. Hence in the course of the next few months, the website will be undergoing a major restructuring (at least we can offer that to Nigerians). We promise to use other channels (Facebook and Instagram) to continue our writings and updates during the period of the upgrade until it is completed. In addition, the editorial team will be adding two new columns. They brag it will be entertaining and downright candid. This year promises to be exciting and I invite you to take this journey with us. And if you are in Nigeria, don’t forget to vote for the right candidate, shun every form of vote buying and electoral violence.   Cheers!! Chizzy Odilinye Nwokoye
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